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A negative Google search result could possibly be the worst thing to happen to a brand’s reputation. Not only does a bad, unflattering mention of one’s brand, products or services affect their reputation, but it leaves the targeted business owner or marketer themselves in deep concern and disappointment. And often these reviews come out to be so unfair and belligerent that the impugned business or individual couldn’t help but lash out at the reviewer.

However, no matter how critical the state and how provoked you feel, getting revenge on disgruntled customers (reviewers) for their bad comments and reviews would be the worst way to deal with negative mentions of your business.

So, how else are you going to take those hostile mentions down? There a number of search engine optimisation combined with reputation management tactics to cope with the reputation-damaging content (about your business) on the first page of Google search results. Here, we bring to you the most effective of them all.

Have It Removed Altogether

Apparently, the most common step to take in the same scenario is to have it taken down. You could directly approach the concerned reviewer or the source and ask them to remove it. If a professional talk doesn’t work, go the legal way. Although difficult and time-consuming, you can also register a formal complaint against the company or with Google itself to have the content removed.

Can’t Remove? Bury It Down

It may be a long shot, but then every possible way is worth trying when your business reputation is at stake. So this is how it works. Buy a domain name (if you don’t already own one) and share positive, search engine friendly content on the web, burying negative content down the search results or pages. Go on to create social profiles and build a basic online presence. Take a step further and create blogs, press releases and comment on news articles linking to your website.

If nothing Works, Fix Your Products and Services

Even if you think it’s not your fault and there might be some misunderstanding or miscommunication, reach your customer and apologise for their bad experience. Assure them that you would look through your policies and make improvement so as to avoid such thing in the future. Also, to make up for their unpleasant experience with your product or service, you can offer them a better replacement product or service that helps earn back their loyalty and satisfaction.

While in most cases, there’s no instant fix to a negative web review, taking a professional, thoughtful approach to handling bad reviews and search results can help a lot. Besides, you can seek help of an online reputation management expert or SEO firm to effectively push away defamatory, adverse content around your brand and build a strong online presence.

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