5 Common Social Media Practices That Are Damaging Your Brands’ Online Reputation

There’s so much a single social media post can do to a brand’s online reputation.

Creating a social media presence has become an imperative aspect of running an online business. While most business owners realise the potential of social media marketing, not all who set up social media accounts end up building a positive brand reputation.

Surprisingly, it is not always a bunch of disgruntled customers and unfair competitors that ruin online reputation of companies working hard to deliver seamless customer service. Sometimes, businesses themselves make mistakes that hurt their online reputation and customer trust.


Let’s look at five common mistakes businesses make with social media marketing that you want to avoid at all costs.

Getting too emotional:

No matter the situation, badmouthing or lashing out at your customer on social media platforms is the last thing you want to do.

Remember why did you create a social media profile in the first place?

To connect with your customers and strengthen your relationships with them while attracting new audiences. When you say something bad about a customer or accuse them online, it doesn’t just negatively affect your relationship with the concerned customer, but it also sends out a message to your prospects that you are not professional and don’t respect your customers.

What to do instead:

Whether the customer is fair or not, reach out to them personally or on social media and try to know why they are disappointed. Once you understand their problem, politely apologise and offer asolution to amicably resolve the issue.

Making false promises or guarantees:

It is not uncommon for businesses and marketers to lure in customers through catchy advertising copies full of claims and assurances. And the trick does work.

You may find tons of traffic hitting your website when you post a compelling promotional ad on social media. Sure, you will also make instant revenue initially. But you didn’t start your business for that short-term success. Did you?

For long term-success, it is inevitable to inspire a sense of trust and confidence amongst your customers. So, if you make a guarantee on social media accounts, you better deliver it. Breaking promises and claims you make on social media will not only damage your reputation but it will also influence your business integrity amongst your prospects.

What to do instead:

Define appropriate terms and conditions beforehand when making certain commitments or promises to customers. You want to clearly mention things like estimated delivery dates, additional costs and other specifics in your promotional posts that are important for customers to know to keep their expectations realistic and avoid any disappointment.

Posting inappropriate content

Social media is certainly a great place to express your personal feelings, views and opinions, but definitely not through professional accounts.

Letting your emotions influence the content of your social media posts is a sure-fire way to harm your brand’s image. You don’t want to present your personal opinion and view on religion, politics, controversial affairs or any sensitive topic on social media unless they relate to the nature of your business in any way.

Also, you want to be careful about videos and photos you post. A single inappropriate photo or video can take a toll on your reputation.

What to do instead:

Tailor your social media content to suit the needs and preferences of your target audience. Think about a topic that talks about customer issues or you can simply talk about your offerings in an interesting way without irritating customers.

Ignoring customer reviews or complaints:

No business likes negative review. Many find negative review so painful and humiliating that they either try to delete it or ignore it altogether. This is one of the costliest mistakes that can damage your brand reputation.

No matter how tempting it is turn away from a bad review or negative customer complaint, you don’t want to ignore them or hide them away. Negative customer reviews and complaints are an opportunity to improve your customer experience. By responding to negative comments and reviews, you can show your customers that you care.

What to do instead:

Get back to the concerned customer immediately and engage them in conversation. Even if the customer is the one at fault, you need to patiently acknowledge their concern and resolve the issue in the best way possible.

Being inconsistent:

The people who follow your business page or accounts on social media, expect to see some informational content on your timeline or page and keep up with your business updates.

Putting up several posts in a day only to remain silent for weeks can make your followers think you are not serious about your online presence or business. Soon they will unfollow your page and probably find the content they are looking for on your competitors’ social media pages.

There are also businesses that create a social media page and disappear only to miss out on countless chances of attracting more traffic and conversions.

Being active and consistent is paramount to keeping your audience engaged while attracting new prosects toward your business.

What to do instead:

Plan a schedule for regularly posting online and interacting with your audience daily

The Takeaway

Establishing trust with social media audiences is as challenging as beneficial. While a great post can get your business thousands of followers, one inappropriate response to an unhappy customer’s comment can sway prospects and existing customers away from your business.


It is crucial for any business to develop a well-defined marketing strategy that can help you direct your social media efforts toward your definitive business goals while avoiding such mistakes.

Reputation Circle experts, well-versed in online brand reputation management, can assist you with social media strategy creation and in-depth marketing planning. Our adept professionals advise you on the best social media marketing and reputation management approach for your business to help your find opportunities to increase your social media fan base and enhance your online image.

Tanuj Rastogi

Reputation Management Strategist & Online Marketer passionate about helping business achieve the best out of Internet by building Positive Reputation, a successful Online Crisis Management Plan & clever Online Marketing Strategies.