Erase Negativity and Optimise Customer loyalty with Online Brand Management

Online space is notorious for making as well as breaking brand’s image in a matter of no time. Internet has its own mysterious ways that can turn a brand into dust and a brand out of dust with its phenomenal reach. It becomes nearly impossible to fathom internet in terms of its influence. It’s crucial for every business owner to have a website and social media presence to reach customers in today’s digital age. You might think that creating an online brand for yourself help you sail out half of the obstacles, but keeping an ever-present eye on the social web and maintaining that web presence is worth it in the long run.

online brand management

Managing diverse web properties that talk about your brand and touch its reputation is critical to the success of your enterprise. Online Brand management allows you to engage with detractors and brand advocates in meaningful ways thereby guiding and monitoring the way your brand is viewed online. It measures, monitors and shapes all avenues for public perception, for instance your website, online reviews, third-party articles, social reach, search engine results or any online conversation.

With companies (large or small) around bringing brands limelight across the globe, leaving a positive lasting impression of your brand to drive brand growth is extremely important. But on the flip side leaving a disgruntled customer with a grudge could be very dangerous as it can affect your brand negatively. It’s advisable to assuage such situation instantly by nipping the problem in bud itself. Any comment or slander campaign that negatively affects your brand identity should be fixed at the right time by hiring online reputation managers. They take stock of the situation at the right time so that it doesn’t snowball into becoming an unimaginable situation.

Protect your brand against negative mentions and reviews with powerful Online brand management strategies. Get started with these five simple tips highlighted below:

1. Establish Brand Guidelines

established brand guidelines
Clear brand guidelines strengthen your brand identity and company’s differentiators, enabling you to deliver clear message that sets you apart from your competitors. Creating brand guidelines is crucial for eliminating a reputation of confusion and apathy. When developing and enforcing your brand you need to state guidelines regarding logos, imagery, design elements, messaging, fonts, colours etc. Inconsistency in timely revisions and modifications can negatively impact your branding, at worst inconsistency makes your brand unmemorable.

2. Informed Brand Representatives

informed brand representatives

Brand guidelines are essential for reinforcing your brand, but they go waste unless utilised. This simply means that representatives delegated with the responsibility of promoting your brand-from employees to contractors- must be given access to the most up to date version of this guide for maintaining consistency. Personnel must understand that their social networks lay massive impact on the brand, and they must be heedful about how they should represent company’s brand across all social channels.

3. Your Online Brand Requires Strict Supervision

online brand requires strict supervision

It’s vital to frequently monitor what’s being said about your brand on blogs, consumer review sites, images, videos, social media networks etc., to combat inaccuracies and negative mentions. It’s equally important to examine its context to determine whether it’s positive, negative or may be neutral. You should track what’s being discussed about your brand as that’s something you cannot afford to ignore. By digging up trails of the point where your brand is being discussed, you will be able to keep track on your company’s online mentions.

4. Take Charge and Lead Discussions

After discovering the platforms where people are discussing about your brand, it’s time to take charge. You should positively interact to queries and comments while constructively responding to negative comments. It’s entirely up to you to turn your negative feedback into something positive. This can be achieved by demonstrating that your team is willing to quickly respond and make it right for the aggrieved customer.
Your extra efforts can often smooth over any bumps in the road, thereby enabling you to fly high on grow trajectory. In addition, if you actively show your contribution to the community by leading discussions about latest trends, challenges and solutions, this ultimately depict that for you customer comes first.

5. Effective Utilisation of Brand Management Tools


You may find above tips overwhelming, but online brand management tools are available to ease it all. You can rely on Google alerts for initiating the process of monitoring. Plus, you can also make use of monitoring tools provided by specialised applications to analyse social media traffic and track brand mentions across social media.

Prudent marketers put central focus on online brand management as they understand the far-reaching consequences that indirectly decide the success or failure of your business. You need to have an appropriate system in place that will allow you to react to these situations in time. It’s good practice to monitor mentions of your brand across online platforms. At the same time sharing your positive mentions with your audience is also important.

The Bottom-line

It’s your image on which your brand is sold and that image needs to be maintained with the sole purpose of making it attractive and worth spending on. You can’t devise online brand management strategies that stay true to your identity. Here’s where an expert intervention is required who creatively douses unfavourable situation with discreet strategies so there’s no trail at all about the activity.

You need to come up with magnifying, creative and productive brand management solutions to uphold your brand value. Online brand management professionals understand your business scope, analyse its current online position, look for your target audience and geography and then device tactical plans in effective brand engagements, its positioning and awareness. Never allow people to trash your company’s image, if left unattended they can anytime spiral out of control and may spread negativity about your brand.

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