You Got to Care for Your Image Because No Body Else Will

Let’s admit it. Whether it’s the real world or the digital realm, no matter how many good deeds you boast in your track record, a smattering of negative act can ruin it all for your reputation and public image.

Online Reputation Repair

And once the negative connotation starts, your reputation gets worse and worse. Unfortunately, in some cases the brand or business is so tainted that it’s almost impossible to reverse the damage.

So, before it’s too late for you to repair your brand, you need to take essential measures as mentioned below.

Stop being ignorant and start being responsible

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In an ideal world, it may be a fine idea to be ignorant about what wrong people say about you, but certainly not in the digital space.

The more you ignore customers’ negative reviews and comments, the more adverse your situation gets. So, rather than ignoring people smearing you name, your brand, you can reach out to them and probe what’s going wrong out there.

Knowing that you care about your audience’s views and issues will help your customers change their perception and make you appear responsible and professional.

Be good to look good

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A small, kind gesture toward your society, industry or your audience can work wonders for your online reputation repair. This gesture could be anything from doing charity for a good cause to helping out entrepreneurs from your own industry for free.

Such moral and social activities will create a positive vibe around your name and business. Moreover, while you take on this reputation repair approach, make sure you’re genuine and sincere with your actions else you may end up being a vile business trying to hide your faults with fake activities.

Make a significant first impression

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Negative comments, reviews and posts about your products and services are affecting not just your personal image or your current online reputation, but your potential customers and revenue.

You don’t directly make customers. There are potential shoppers who find you amidst search engine results, visit your website, find interest in your products, decide to buy from you and then convert into a paying customer.

If the search results for your brand name bring up adverse content, the potential buyer may decide not to visit your website at all. You make a wrong first impression, you cost traffic, potential customers and of course revenue.

To get your impression right in the first place, have positive links, profiles and content appearing in top SERPs using effective SEO and content marketing techniques.

Final word

It isn’t easy to reverse negative posts and conversations around your business and fix the damage that has been done. While you put in countless hours and efforts in fixing your unpleasant image, you have to understand that it takes time to recover from a damaged reputation.

So, have patience and clean up your image through ethical ways and you are sure to see fruitful results.

Tanuj Rastogi

Reputation Management Strategist & Online Marketer passionate about helping business achieve the best out of Internet by building Positive Reputation, a successful Online Crisis Management Plan & clever Online Marketing Strategies.

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