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As Murphy’s law states that “If anything can go wrong, it will”, only smart organisations are prepared to combat with this seemingly inevitable possibility.  Few organisations today undertake reasonable actions for managing the long-term repercussions a perceived crisis can have on their Corporate Reputation. Reputation is a metric that defines how the customer base sees you, and consequently how the world responds to you.

brand reputation management

Recent studies indicate that more than 75% of consumers search companies online before they make a buying decision. A page of negative reviews can cost you in loosing consumer confidence, and the sale resultantly. On the other hand, a positive brand reputation online helps you land new clients, attract new staff and make existing workforce proud on you. Unfortunately, a positive online reputation for your business can be hard to build. Worse yet, the same can be destroyed in seconds by a single negative item posted about you. Whether you are a high-profile figure or a regular individual, you will be judged by people based on what they hear and read about you on the first page of Google.

With the information being disseminated at blinding speed through online media, you can handle the results that social media sites and search engines display about your brand. With effective Online brand reputation Management, you get opportunity to boost your positive aspects and conceal or eliminate the negative ones. That’s why online reputation management is so vital. A positive online reputation can recommend you to your potential clients, while negative reputation may lead to failure and isolation.

If you overlook what’s being said about your brand or business, someone else will control your online reputation. Your business partners, stockholders, investors, associates, current future workforce, professional associations, and friends appear online and often look for information about you. So, the monitoring of your online reputation is as important as your online marketing.

online reputation

Through social Media monitoring or Online Reputation Management your organisation can:

  • Analyse online sentiments
  • Gather and measure online feedback
  • Promote positives and eliminate negatives
  • Hear what your customer base is talking about your brand
  • Hear what critics, competitors, journalists and bloggers are saying
  • Create positive sentiment and respond to build your brand, boost sales and grow your business
  • Help you understand strengths and weakness of your business
  • Ensure a proactive approach that handles negative mentions before they leave bad impact

Why Can’t You handle Online brand reputation Management In-house?

You may possess multitude of online reputation management systems and social media monitoring tools that will help gather information, monitor the internet, and develop report for your analysis. But how do you select the best system? How do you interpret the data that online reputation management system provides? How will you know the best response? And, in case if you could figure out all that, do you have enough capabilities and time in-house? That’s where the role of professional Online brand reputation Management service provider comes in. Most companies lack the crucial elements needed to carry out Online Reputation Management successfully.

Highlights of these precious assets are
1. Time
2. Budget
3. Workforce
4. Knowledge
5. Partnerships
6. Access to cutting edge programs and ORM tools

Online Reputation Process that Professional ORM agency follows

online reputation

1. Research and analysis
Professional ORM agencies conduct an in-depth research about how your name is appearing on search results and devote time to analyse if it’s positive, negative, or neutral. 

2. Creation and Promotion of Positive Content
Professional ORM agency’s experienced staff proficiently creates positive content about you and promotes it with the assistance of online marketing techniques, ensuring that people only see the positive about you.

3. Negative Content Management
ORM experts develop effective strategies to conceal or eliminate negative content and make sure that your existing and new clients are not moved by negative reviews or criticism.

4. Consistency in Monitoring
ORM experts consistently track any mentions about your brand, eliminating the negative mentions and boosting the positive ones.

5. Performance Review and Reporting
Minute analysis of every aspect of your online reputation management strategy and make essential changes if necessary. ORM experts will also provide you with a detailed report about your campaign’s performance.

online reputation

Expert digital marketers help individuals, corporations, start-ups, and non-profits manage, repair and grow their online reputation and branding. The idea behind online reputation management is to curtail, limit and replace any negative publicity with information that will attract a positive consumer sentiment towards your brand. Some ORM experts use SEO strategies and social media to drown out reviews written by the disgruntled customers who are out to bad-mouth your company or hurt your business. They will then issue a report of their assessment that include recommendations on what to do to manage bad reviews. You no more need to worry about the search results when somebody searches for your brand on search engines. As ORM experts ensure that only positive results are visible on the first page of search engine.

There are umpteen benefits of having a right companion for managing your brand reputation. Professional ORM service providers deploy accurate tools and methods to handle the negative image projected on google by implementing the best industry tactics. Better brand image can be built by investing in their risk proofing strategies while minimising future risk scenarios. This way you can stay ahead in the competition and can make best out of your business. Reputation plays a decisive role behind your profits and success in the long run and should not be overlooked at any cost.

Tanuj Rastogi

Reputation Management Strategist & Online Marketer passionate about helping business achieve the best out of Internet by building Positive Reputation, a successful Online Crisis Management Plan & clever Online Marketing Strategies.

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