Are Negative Employee Reviews Hurting Your Recruitment Efforts?


Did this ever happen with you that you got so angry with a recruiter or a business service that you ended up writing a nasty review about them?

In most cases, people generally vent their frustration caused by a bad experience with a product or a company on social media. Disgruntled employees today are quick to leave bad reviews about the company they have been working with on open platforms for others to see.

Have you ever thought what impact these negative reviews leave on your recruitment process? If not, let’s get into the stats to understand how poor ratings and negative reviews can kill your chances of attracting good talent during the recruitment process.

  • 61% of job seekers visit a company’s online channels like social media profile, website and reviewing sites before applying for a job in the same company.
  • 55% of job seekers say that read a negative review about a company prevents them from applying for the job.
  • Job seekers give more credence to the opinion of other job seekers.

Keeping professional organisations aside for a minute, according to a study that was conducted a year ago on consumers

  • 97% of consumers read online reviews
  • 85% of consumers trust reviews more than recommendations from family and friends.
  • 49% of consumers say that they look for a minimum 4-star review before making a purchase.

The statistics clearly indicate that people ate greatly dependent on online reviews. When it comes to job seekers, looking through online reviews of a potential employer before going for an interview, is one of the top things in the check list. Reading other people’s reviews help potential interviewees to know about the company better and perform better during the selection process.

Though the review part is effective and helpful from the job seeker’s perspective, what if you are on the other side of the seesaw. What if you are the recruiter? Of course, negative online reviews will create a lot of problems in your recruitment process and make it difficult for you to find the correct match for the profile.

However, not everything that is posted online is correct. Some candidates and ex-employees approach social media networks and review platforms just to take their frustration out. The chances are they would do their best to make you look bad, and you just cannot deny them. Having said that, deciding not to respond can have consequences as well and that is the reason why you must be careful about your response to such reviews.


Some social media platforms, like Facebook, enable you to control the page and its content, thus allowing you to remove negative comments as they appear. But this is not the case with Glassdoor. However, you do have a choice here. If written reviews found to be untrue and tarnishing the reputation of your business, you can remove them with the help of a cyber expert. But by then, damage to your business would already be done.

In addition, employees have the legal right to complaint about their working conditions. If, however, they decide to share their bad experience with your company in a public forum or on the web, your company’s business reputation will be at stake.


To make sure employees don’t tarnish your business image, it is better to create policies around online reviews only when the employee is still in your company. Once they are gone, you lose control over what they say about your company outside. So, it is a good idea to define fair policies around online reviews for all your employees in order to stop an unfavourable situation from happening in the first place.

Paying attention to online reviews is a good way to manage your online reputation but preventing them from appearing in the first place is the best strategy.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent negative online reviews;

  • The first thing you should definitely do is to carefully monitor all your online platforms (Facebook, Google Plus, websites, reviewing sites)
  • Make sure your HR responsibly identifies negative reviews about the organisation on all platforms.
  • If you can determine that a specific post has been written by one of your current employees, assure them that their concern will be addressed ASAP and once the issues have been resolved, request them to remove/update their review.
  • If you feel that a review is untrue and posted by an unfair competitor, contact the review website’s administrator.


Negative reviews can occur regardless of your quality product/service and how much people love your business. A negative review may not be a subject of concern for you if most of your customers are happy with your business, but it is best to address it as soon as you notice it. Here’s how you can resolve the issue:

  • Take the issue offline, or
  • Request that defamatory review be removed


Responding in a non-defensive way shows your professionalism. Make the reviewer realise you are listening to them. Ask them to share their concern offline with you. Once the issue is resolved, don’t forget to put a cap on your discussion.


If the review is defamatory or you suspect it’s been left by an unfair competitor, don’t shy away from considering your legal options. You can always submit a legal request to Google to get the fake review removed if it qualifies as slander.


Public shaming is never a good idea because it will make a company as well as its employees look bad.  Considering the HR’s point of view, most hiring managers take a candidate who bad mouths about their previous company or employees, for an immature, discriminatory professional with a lack of judgement.

Though it is always advised to prevent unfavourable situations for your company by taking preventive measures, in case negative reviews occur, we suggest you get in touch with our expert reputation management team that can help you escape from the most difficult of online reputation situation.

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Tanuj Rastogi

Reputation Management Strategist & Online Marketer passionate about helping business achieve the best out of Internet by building Positive Reputation, a successful Online Crisis Management Plan & clever Online Marketing Strategies.