There’s more to Reputation Management than SEO (or Search Engine Rankings!)

Your reputation online is pretty much dependent on how well you fare in terms of the search engine rankings, yes, but that’s just about it, no. Managing your reputation calls for more. To begin with, you need to be active on Social Media. In other words, when there are dozens of social media sites out there, waiting for you to come and take advantage of them, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Make profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook and the like. That’s because your audience is already there and you need to keep up with them. And if you do, you earn yourself some brownie points.

So, what else does it take to manage your reputation online? Blogging for one is an alternate, a good one indeed. It helps you connect with the audience and is more or less like a common platform where the two of you meet. You post a blog, the audience comments on it and before you know, your work’s done – the impact of negative reviews or publicity, if any is diluted. Take up blogging or better still, hire an ORM agency and they would do it for you, the professional way. The point is that you need to look beyond SEO and probably take a new approach.

Talking of new, well, here’s what may help:

  • Monitoring
  • Reasoning

Let’s start with the first. There may be reviews online that do not show you in a good light. Chances are that you might not come across these reviews, at least not until you regularly monitor what’s going on. You must find out what’s being said about you, good or bad, period.  Likewise, if at all there are negative reviews, make sure that you do not argue with the customers even if they are wrong. Work with them and understand their concerns and present solutions that are acceptable to the customers.

Tanuj Rastogi

Reputation Management Strategist & Online Marketer passionate about helping business achieve the best out of Internet by building Positive Reputation, a successful Online Crisis Management Plan & clever Online Marketing Strategies.

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