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It is a process that safeguards you against negative online publicity, if any. It also decreases the extent of damage that you may otherwise experience. More importantly, it helps get back the confidence of your customers.

We start by analysing the current situation to find out if there are some negative or defamatory reviews and search results that can hamper your business. Reviews, if negative, are pushed down. We create a positive image of you and use favourable reviews, blogs and press releases for this purpose.

Yes. Most of your customers use search engines to find out more about you, your products. If negative reviews feature among the top search results, they may not think highly of you. You cannot take that risk. With ORM, you don’t need to.

A lot, actually. Your customers look for you online, but so do your prospective partners. Negative reviews, especially the ones included in the first page results, can create a bad image of you. As a result, you may find it difficult to strike deals. Prospects may also have second thoughts before they buy your products.

You may not be at fault. But, you cannot always control what is being said about you online. Anyone can badmouth you, an employee who no longer works for you, a customer who may be dissatisfied for some reason, or even a competitor.

You need to take some precautionary measures in this case. Negative reviews can surface anytime, but don’t you worry as we’ve got you covered. With proactive brand building, we make sure that you do not get affected.

Simply sign up for our services online or give us a call. We begin with the preliminary analysis at the earliest, let you know the situation and then proceed with what we do best – online reputation and brand management.

We charge on case-to-case basis. Once we analyse the situation, we can give you an estimate. Rest assured you need not pay much as we have priced our services quite affordably.

For those struggling to maintain a positive image online, we can help you fix negative search results, bad reviews while protecting your brand reputation in the long run. Everything we do to manage your online reputation is 100% clean and confidential. Let our ORM experts provide your business the reputation it is worthy of.

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