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The internet is a strange place; one moment you are a reputable business, the next you have negative reviews and false claims to take care of. These reviews and claims hamper your online reputation like anything. Before you know, your customers start losing confidence in you. This, of course, means your business is at risk. It’s time for some damage control.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. – Warren Buffett

We, as internet reputation repair experts, figure out what can be done to get back the lost confidence and more importantly, ensure that the customers think highly of you. This is what we do:

Before you react, think. – William A. Ward

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Analyse the situation

We begin by searching for you across the major search engines. This helps us find out if the first page results speak negative of you. If they do, we give a boost to the positive results. False claims and bad reviews are pushed down. We get blogs and articles written for you, giving search engines the content they are looking for. We also make use of social media and do everything it takes to ensure bad mouthing doesn’t affect your business.

Act sensibly

We don’t lose cool. Even if the first page results are flooded with negative reviews, we don’t do anything that can make the matters worse. We don’t respond to such reviews in an angry tone, giving the reviewers an opportunity to ruin your reputation further. In fact, we strongly advise you to not to do anything of this sort.

Approach and reason

When we say we do internet reputation repair, we make no false claims. We don’t say that we can remove the negative reviews. We may not be able to. However, we can always try to get in touch with the reviewers, talk to them and convince them that you are indeed good. We can even reason, if the need be.

Act according to the law

In extreme cases, we may advise you to go the legal way. This might need to be done if unfaithful and destructive claims leave little or no scope for repair.

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For those struggling to maintain a positive image online, we can help you fix negative search results, bad reviews while protecting your brand reputation in the long run. Everything we do to manage your online reputation is 100% clean and confidential. Let our ORM experts provide your business the reputation it is worthy of.

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