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You want your customers to talk good of you. You want that when others search for you online, they see a positive image, one that drives them to you, your site. You want to have a remarkable online reputation. Reputation, it is said, has to be built. More importantly, it must be defended.

There were a lot of rumours spread about me. Of course, I didn’t show up to defend myself, so my absence helped create even more. – Sean Young

With online reputation defender, a useful tool or service, we ensure that reputation issues, if any, are dealt with. It shields your reputation against the damage that negative results may otherwise cause. Call it a reputation damage control tool, if you may.

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Why you must defend your online reputation?

Studies have a shown that a large number of customers share their experiences with others. Interestingly, they are influenced by whatever is told to them and may decide to buy a product if the feedback is positive. A clean online reputation, one that’s well-guarded, is likely to play an important role here. It has also been observed that the customers seldom make decisions on the basis of advertisements and may consider them to be false. So, the onus lies on you, to make them believe that you are good. When you defend your reputation, you do exactly that.

Other reasons:

  • Ratings/reviews influence the customers
  • Many customers search online before buying anything (research)

How does the reputation defender work?

It all starts with optimisation; the content published on blogs, forums and social media sites is optimised to make it more engaging. Then, negative search results influencing your reputation, if any, are pushed down. These results are not removed and this is done on purpose. We don’t want your customers to feel that their voice is being suppressed. While creating a positive image of you, it’s important for us to ensure that they receive a response on whatever they have to say.

If you want to be in a win-win situation, where you have a clean reputation and are able to show your customers that you care for them, even if they have something negative or bad to say, do try our online reputation defender. Give us a call!

For those struggling to maintain a positive image online, we can help you fix negative search results, bad reviews while protecting your brand reputation in the long run. Everything we do to manage your online reputation is 100% clean and confidential. Let our ORM experts provide your business the reputation it is worthy of.

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